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Job 53 (Mar 25th, 2013 [02:09 PM])   → twinning detected

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Patterson analyses

Largest Patterson peak with length larger than 15 Angstrom

Frac. coord.        :    0.000    0.021    0.143
Distance to origin  :   21.737
Height (origin=100) :    2.329
p_value(height)     :    1.000e+00

The reported p_value has the following meaning:
The probability that a peak of the specified height
or larger is found in a Patterson function of a
macro molecule that does not have any translational
pseudo symmetry is equal to  1.000e+00.
p_values smaller than 0.05 might indicate
weak translational pseudo symmetry, or the self vector of
a large anomalous scatterer such as Hg, whereas values
smaller than 1e-3 are a very strong indication for
the presence of translational pseudo symmetry.