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Perform NIST*LATTICE Computations

This page performs various computations on lattices using NIST*LATTICE, "A Program to Analyze Lattice Relationships" (Version of Spring, 1991) by Vicky Lynn Karen and Alan D. Mighell, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Materials Science and Engineering Laboratory, Gaithersburg, Maryland 20899. [V. L. Karen and A. D. Mighell, NIST Technical Note 1290 (1991)].

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Compute reduced cell from a unit cell

Optionally compute derivative cells: subcells and supercells generated from a unit cell after reduction

Convert reduced cell to conventional cell

or form to default values.

Multiply unit cell by a matrix

Invert a matrix

Multiply two matrices

Matrix 1Matrix 2

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Brian Toby and Vicky Lynn Karen