Generate Self Rotation Function from ScalePack or MTZ File
Input Intensities (ScalePack) Input Structure Factors (MTZ)
ScalePack format with H,K,L, I, Sigma(I) OR MTZ format with H,K,L, F, Sigma(F)
label for F
label for sigma(F)
Warning: Must match labels in mtz file.
Check with mtzdmp

Upload .sca or .mtz File:
Resolution limits for Self Rotation Function (Angstroms)
=low resolution limit =high resolution limit
Radius of Integration (Angstroms)
=radius of integration

Self rotation function will be displayed below.
Your Results

Your animated Self-Rotation Function will be made available here. Kappa sections are drawn from 10 to 180 degrees in 5 degree increments. In the animation below, the kappa section advances 5 degrees every second. Watch lower left corner to track the kappa value. Still images are available below through links.

If no results appear, check that you entered only scalepack .sca file or .mtz file and declared proper labels for F and SIG(F).

Self rotation functions are calculated with GLRF or POLARFN depending on whether the input format is .sca or .mtz , respectively.

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