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This is version 1.20 of the Surface Entropy Reduction prediction (SERp) server from January 2007. This exploratory tool aims to aid identification of sites that are most suitable for mutation designed to enhance crystallizability by a Surface Entropy Reduction approach. More Info: introduction page, publication reference.

Please send bug reports, questions and feedback to adminstrator <>. To submit multiple sequences in FASTA format, use the Batch Submission page.

Sequences producing significant alignments:

Sequences found by the PSI-BLAST search in order of decreasing identity. Overall scoring statistics for each aligned sequence are shown. For each proposed cluster, changes in the aligned sequence are highlited.

Click the [+] link to see the complete alignment and further details.

Note: sequences with >99% identity are excluded from contributing to the analysis score but are shown below.

Sequence alignment legend:
. -- no change
- -- gap
K -- other high entropy residue
A -- mutated to target residue
  Cluster shading legend:
X -- residue witin proposed patch
K -- residue proposed for mutation
D -- other mutable high entropy residue
A -- low entropy target residue
Ext. Reference & Link
e Value  Bits  Identity  Cluster #1:
Cluster #2:
Cluster #3:

[+] 114577583: ref: XP_001147989.1 1.02·10-38 162.9 100% ... ........ ....
  PREDICTED: similar to RPS27A protein [Pan troglodytes]
[+] 5523975: gb: AAD44040.1 1.02·10-38 162.9 100% ... ........ ....
  polyprotein [Bovine viral diarrhea virus 2]