Help Topics:
When your job is successfully processed, the server will send you an email message to the address you specified on the Job & Sequence tab.

The "Link to Website" option will send you a website link to access your job details and results. If you have a HTML capable client, you can have the results emailed to you in HTML format either inline (in the message body) or as a HTML attachment. However, the results are presented interactively, thus to access all details you should view your results by returning to the SER website. A link to view your jobs is included in the email regardless of the delivery type selected here.

Please note that jobs are only stored on the server for 30 days. The results in the email message contain reference to the graphs on the server which may not be available after that time. If you wish to archive the results, you should print them out or save the results web page including all images (graphs).