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This is version 1.20 of the Surface Entropy Reduction prediction (SERp) server from January 2007. This exploratory tool aims to aid identification of sites that are most suitable for mutation designed to enhance crystallizability by a Surface Entropy Reduction approach.

This server is no longer supported and no longer requires authentication.
Job submissions are not available at the moment.

More Info: introduction page, publication reference.

Surface Entropy Profile: [?]
Entropy weight: [?]
Averaging window: [?]
Lower cutoff: [?]
Secondary Structure Prediction: [?]
Sec. str. weight: [?]
Loop confidence cutoff: [?]
Minimum patch length: [?]
Evolutionary Conservation: [?]
Conservation weight: [?]
Sequence identity cutoff: [?]
Expectation value cutoff: [?]
Sequence count weight: [?]
  Cluster & Residue Definitions:
Min. mutations per cluster: [?]
Max. mutations per cluster: [?]
Max. gap within cluster: [?]
Max. gap between mutations: [?]
High entropy residues: [?]
Mutable amino acids: [?]
Target amino acids: [?]

Cluster Scoring Weights:
Combined residue score: [?]
Residue score deviation: [?]
Length of low-entropy patch: [?]
Gaps in low-entropy patch: [?]
Gap entropy penalty: [?]
Number of mutations: [?]
Change in Entropy: [?]
  Sort Clusters by: [?]
Cluster score Residue number

Cluster Limit (when sorted by score): [?]
No limit (show all)
Generate Maximum clusters
Cut off at % of max score

Graphical Representation: [?]
Score summary
Entropy average
Secondary structure (all)
Secodary structure (loop only)
Evolutionary conservation

Graph Size: [?]
Fixed size: x pixels
Relative size: pixels per residue

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